High quality dry minilab with a low total cost of ownership

Easy to install

・Tiny footprint of just 0.35 m2

・Runs on a normal household power supply

・Low initial investment and low running costs

・Double-stacking feature enables you to save installation space

Capacity / Versatility

・Up to 650 prints/hr

・Can connect multiple printers for higher throughput

・New print possibilities with the amazing 1757mm (69.2”) max. advance length

・Both roll paper and sheet paper supported

・Both single-sided prints and double-sided prints supported

*Factory option required for double-sided prints.

Enhanced efficiency

・Dual magazine system

・Easy operation

Print systemPrint resolutionMax. print sizeProcessing capacity
Digital dry printing 720 x 720 dpi, 1440 x 1440 dpi (Option) Roll paper: 254 x 1757mm (10" x 69.2"), Sheet paper: 216 x 297mm (8.5"x11.7") 6"x 4": Approx. 650 prints/hr (6M pixel) * Roll paper