Mimaki UJF-7151 plus UV-LED printer is the next generation model in the world's best selling UJF Series line. Its design and technologies enable sign, specialty graphics, and award and personalization companies to realize the benefits of digital printing with higher margins and lower production costs, without compromising quality. The UJF-7151 printer is a multipurpose model that can print on a variety of substrates including plastics, metal, wood, leather and glass onto materials up to 28" wide x 20" long and 6" thick.

Mimaki UJF-7151 plus Overview
Create specialty items, novelties, awards, custom pieces and more
Ideal for screenprinters and pad print shops that want to add one-off or custom digital print operations
Print on media up to 28" wide x 20" long (710 x 510 mm) and up to 6" thick (153 mm)
Exceptional print quality Mechanical structure reduces vibration, which increases ink drop accuracy
MAPS4 technology reduces banding
MFD1 patented dithering technique in RasterLink6 software enhances image quality
New UV-LED curing system delivers high quality results
Variable dot printing delivers high quality with smooth gradients

Nozzle Check Unit and Nozzle Recovery System
Low-energy UV-LED lamps enable printing on heat-sensitive substrates
Ink versatility for use in various applications from hard surfaces to flexible media

*not all inks available at time of launch

Highlights of the Mimaki UJF-7151 plus

Exceptional print quality.
Unlike conventional models, the print table moves the substrate under the staggered print heads, using Mimaki's exclusive ball screw technology to reduce vibration and increasing ink drop accuracy.
Mimaki Advance Pass System 4 (MAPS4) technology reduces banding and produces smoother images.
Mimaki Fine Diffusion 1 (MFD1) patented dithering technique in RasterLink6 RIP software enhances image quality.
A new UV-LED curing system controls lamp power and curing time for higher quality results. When using clear ink for a topcoat, the additional control delivers near-flawless glossy results by preventing dust adhesion and air bubble formation.
Variable dot printing produces smoother gradients and quartertones.
Waveform control jets each ink droplet at an optimum angle to maintain ink droplet formation and shape.

Ink versatility.

Three types of ink will be available from 'hard' inks that are chemical- and abrasion-resistant; to inks flexible enough for use in banner applications and vehicle wraps; to compliant yet stable inks for thermoforming applications. In addition to the standard CMYK color set, White and Clear inks, plus jettable Primer, will be available.

Faster print speeds.

Six print heads in a staggered configuration enable higher productivity. Print speeds on the UJF-7151 printer are up to 35.5 square feet per hour, more than 1.6 times faster than the UJF-6042 printer, and more than 2.5 times faster than competitive printers in its class.

Familiar format size.

This new model can print on media up to 28- by 20-inches – a familiar format size in the screenprinting industry – and on materials up to 6 inches thick. Mimaki's Kebab option is available to print on cylindrical objects such as bottles and cans.

UJF7151 plus Product video

Mimaki technologies for productivity.
A revolutionary ink head ink circulation system for all colors reduces ink precipitation (settling) and removes air bubbles that can cause clogged nozzles. The result is more stable printing, fewer cleanings and more cost-effective ink utilization.
A gap check sensor detects transparent media to prevent head contact.
Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) automatically detects and recovers clogged nozzles.
If a nozzle cannot be recovered, the Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) selects substitute nozzles and restarts printing.
Mimaki Bulk Ink System 3 (MBIS3) with one liter ink bottles enable longer runs.

Easy-to-use operational features

In addition to the numerous features and technologies to deliver exceptional prints, the UJF-7151 printer is also easy to use. It features a color LCD display panel that shows the printer's status at a glance. Users can connect to the printer via Ethernet, or directly through a USB port. An event mail notification system is included so printer status can be monitored remotely.

What you can do with the Mimaki UJF-7151 Plus
Smartphone covers
Personalized writing instruments
Wayfinding / safety signage
Business card holders
Water bottles
Decorative panels
Binder covers
Identification cards
Announcement boards
Wedding specialties
Membrane switch panels
Industrial applications
and more...



Technical overview of the Mimaki UJF-7151 plus

Print System

On-demand piezo (6 staggered printheads)

Max print resolution

1200 dpi

Max print area/
Max media size

28” W x 20” L
(710 x 510 mm)

Max media thickness

6” (153 mm)

Max media weight

22 lbs. (10 kg)

Ink type

Mimaki LH-100 UV ink: C, M, Y, K, W, Cl
Mimaki PR-200 UV Primer
LUS-120 in C, M, Y, K, W, Cl (flexible ink)*

*available in the future

Ink capacity

1 liter bottle


Ethernet 1000BASE-T / USB 2.0 Hi-speed

Power supply

Single-phase AC100 – 120V / AC200 – 240V

Power consumption

1.3 kW

Operational environment

Temperature: 59 – 86°F (15 – 30°C)
Humidity: 35 – 65% RH (non-condensing)
Recommended operational range:
68 – 77°F (20 – 25°C)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

86.5 x 61.9 x 50.1 inches (220 × 157 ×1273 cm)


699 lbs. (317 kg)
includes base stand weight