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The wet machines of the new 39 series are used as reference devices with the photochemical minilabs thanks to their state-of-the-art technology. The new series consists of the QSS-3901G and QSS-3904G models. Largely identical in design, the two devices primarily differ in terms of processing power. The hourly output (rated values) of the QSS-3901G is 1,650 for photos in the 9 x 13 cm format and 2,250 photos for the more powerful QSS-3904G. For the 10 x 15 cm format, the devices achieve a rated output of 1,480 photos/hour and 2,120 photos/hour, respectively, and in the case of the 30 x 91 cm panorama format (the largest possible print format of the 39-series machines), 95 and 132 photos/hour, respectively.

The two paper magazines installed as standard accept paper rolls up to 82.5 to 305 mm wide. A digital laser with 640 dpi/12-bit resolution is used for exposure of the photographic paper. This makes the finest nuances of the photo visible and achieves exceptional image quality on photochemical material with the aid of the AccuSmart image enhancement software. Even ultra-thin album paper can be used with the new 39-series models. With the currently most powerful Noritsu wet devices, image data (including in the RAW format) can be “automatically” processed similarly to analogue material. Equipped with familiar Noritsu convenience features like the integrated colourimeter and the sorter with display of interruption as standard, users are able to adjust the devices to their individual processing needs with scores of options – such as by expanding it with a third paper magazine (triple version) or two additional magazines (quad version).

All Noritsu wet machines are also supplied with useful EZ controller. This handles everything from job management to the color correction of individual images. The high-performance wet machines are used nearly exclusively by large labs, online labs, and labs for school and kindergarten photography for volume photo production.

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