The Noritsu QSS-Green III Duplex DRY minilab is the high-speed all-in-one compact, high-capacity, and 12″ wide commercial photo printer.

Engineered to meet the dynamic photo-imaging industry needs.

The QSS-Green III is built to deliver amazing 1440 dpi high quality prints on a wider variety of sheet papers. Not only can it reduce production costs but also increase photo products offering. It is the most compact and high speed all-in-one duplex digital minilab in the market. The system is simple to use and the eco-friendly design is suitable for progressive retail environments – 4-colour ink system, high print capacity of up to 950 prints per hour, and up to 3,800 prints without the need of replacing paper.

With greater ease of operation, the QSS-Green III reduces setup and operating time – creating and maintaining a smooth and efficient workflow for retailers. All in a power-packed 0.69m2 (7.43 sq. feet) of space.

High quality & High resolution

Beautiful sharp prints with multiple dot graduation dye ink system

QSS Green III uses a high grade dye ink system that accurately portrays fine details to its multiple dot gradation technology. the high quality ink, combined with excellent absorbing quality of the genuine Noritsu paper*, enables QSS Green III to produce outstanding prints.

QSS Green III can make impressive 1,400 x 1,400 dpi high resolution prints

1,400 x 1,400 dpi high resolution prints are less grainy and have smother graduations than standard prints.
Furthermore this improvement in terms of graininess has the effect of producing a better portrayal of contrast, texture and depth.

QSS-Green III can process Genuine Noritsu Sheet Papers, normal, cast coat and other kinds of commercial sheet papers. However, not all papers are supported. Using non-Noritsu Genuine papers may void product’s warranty. Contact Noritsu Australia for further information

Print Size Advantage

Enlargements / Panoramas

The QSS Green III can make enlargements in sizes of 245 x 305mm (10″ x 12″), 305 x 427mm (12′ x 18″), and many other sizes including panorama prints all the way up to 305 x 1400mm (12″ x 55″). this enables you to provide personalized photo products such as poster prints, locker prints, and just about any custom print size you can think of.

Maximum print size

Roll Paper 305 x 1,400mm (12″ x 55″)

Sheet Paper 330 x 635mm (13″ x 25″)

High Performance

High Capacity enabling steady turnover

Print capacity is the key to maintaining smooth and steady profits.
QSS Green III enables you to quickly fulfill urgent orders of any size without sacrificing its top level print quality

152 x 102mm (6″ x 4″) approx. 950 prints/hour

254 x 203mm (10″ x 8″) approx. 305 prints/hour

305 x 254mm (12″ x 10″) approx. 223 prints/hour

when outputting at 720 dpi

Compact Size

Use less space to sell more with this compact minilab

QSS Green III has a space saving design that makes easy to install anywhere.
Maximum sales from minimum floor space.
That’s what the QSS Green III is about.

Footprint 0.69m2 (7.43 sq. feet)

Sheet Paper

Supports sheet paper as well as roll paper

QSS Green III can produce prints from both roll paper and sheet paper. Sheet paper gives you the ability to produce high quality duplex prints, which open the door to whole new realm of exciting value added print possibilities.

Automatic Order Sorting

Two print sorters to choose from

You can choose the 4-order print sorter or the 12-order print sorter

LED lights to signify interrupted orders

EZ Controller** software has always had the the unique ability to interrupt orders in process to give preference to urgent orders. Now with the 12cprint sorter, LED lights are used to signify which tray has the urgent order and which trays have the orders that has been interrupted.

**EZ controller sold separately

Economical and Eco-Friendly

Easy to use, easy on your wallet and easy on the environment

There are no photofinishing chemicals involved with dry systems. this bring a reduction in time and cost as you no longer have to be concerned about maintaining specific chemistry temperatures as well as handling and disposing of chemical solutions plus many other troublesome tasks.
With the exception of paper, the only consumable replacement needed for this environmentally – friendly minilab is the ink cartridge.
this function can be easily done by anyone.

Energy Efficient

QSS Green III can help you cut you electricity bill drastically. It is estimated to use only about 1/3 to 1/5 the amount of electricity that a silver halide minilab use.
This reduction in power consumption make both economically – friendly and ecologically-friendly.