Spectro LFP qb

The Spectrophotometer Platform: build for flexibility!
The Spectro LFP qb combines incredible universality and precision with a range of new features and supports the M1 measurement mode, which is a must for many customers. It is a platform that satisfies the most stringent customer requirements – and an investment in the future that optimizes the workflow in the spirit of sustainability.

Reflection and Transmission measuring modes

Automated color chart measurement

Switchabel measuring aperture of 2, 6 and 8 mm diameter

Detachable spectral unit for spot color measurements
Display, battery, WiFi

Application fields
Linearization and profiling of professional digital output devices on a wide variety of materials (reflective and transparent)
Suited for Fogra 51 and G7: Conformance to new ISO 13655-2017 “M1 part 1/ method a”, M0, M2, M3 measurement condition …reflection and transmission!